We Grow Black Entrepreneurs.

Starting and running a business can be tough, confusing and lonely, especially for a Black owner.Master Mynder evens the playing field by providing guidance, mentorship and community.

Create and Implement....Beautifully

Want to start implementing on that great idea
or tackle that nagging business issue? Let's talk.

Master Mynder is a Business Entrepreneurial support program that advances the business operations of Black owned start-up and established businesses. The professionals at Master Mynder addresses the unique needs of the Black entrepreneur with an innovative approach.

Success Framework

We utilize a proven methodology to help entrepreneurs achieve greater success through problem analysis and strategic solutioning.

Focused Approach

We focus on targeted solutions to address specific challenges for your individual situation while keeping your operational goals in focus.


Being accountable to another person gives you a 65% chance of achieving a goal. Fortunately, accountability is baked into our program.

MM Business Workshops

Aspiring entrepreneurs, new busineses founders and owners with established busineses eventually run into roadblocks and various challenges.  Our online worksessions are designed to focus, like a laser beam, on your specific needs and challenges.

M2 Consulting

There are times you just need tasks completed but due to lack of technical aptitude, specific knowledge or plain lack of time, these tasks linger and put your project milesetones in jeopardy.  Master Mynder Consulting can help. Whether it’s creating a logo, fixing a problem with a website, or creating a business strategy……we’ve got you covered.

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Committed to Community - C2C

Helping to improve our communities.....one business at a time.

Our organization grew out of the need to help those who have a desire to turn their ideas into a thriving business but require the understanding ear of someone who could help.
Our Story


Fabian Cousley

Co-Founder, Master Mynder

Steven Agee

Co-Founder, Master Mynder


Joining Master Mynder provided much more clarity as to the next steps we needed to take for our start-up. We have implemented the guidance Steve and Fabian have provided and will be launching our website in the coming days.

Abu M.

“Master Mynder provided the coaching, knowledge, and tools that made me believe that I AM an entrepreneur even with just a seed of an idea.  I gained so much confidence in myself and what I’m capable of.”

Catherine P.

The Mynder business sessions really helped me to refine my business model, and figure out next steps. They provided guidance that helped me overcome challenges relating to building my website.

Mauvett W.

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