Master Mynder Business Workshops

Master Mynder Business Workshops utilize unique business strategies to address the unique challenges of minority business owners, such as:

Unequal access to incubators and high-level mentorship programs.

Struggling to be taken seriously. We help you present your vision, products, and services in a manner that can’t be ignored.

Conscious and subconscious bias.  This can play a vital role in your entrepreneurial journey. We can’t eliminate this bias, but we can help you develop winning strategies and the confidence to stand out and perform in uncomfortable business settings. 

Cookie-cutter business consulting services.  We as business owners and, often, the demographics we serve, have unique needs. We help you create strategies that take these needs into account.

Non-tech startups across every demographic struggle to be noticed. If you have a non-tech startup, we help you develop strategies that ensure your project attracts attention. 

Master Mynder provides the knowledge and resources you need to succeed. We are excited to help you elevate your business outcomes and can’t wait to get started!

When you attend the Business Workshop you will recieve:

* Lifetime access to the founder's forum

* Professional, expert assistance with your business challenges

* A "pay what you think it's worth" model.

* Free Live Expert Webinar Series!

* Accountability partners within the group.

* Focus on solving your specific problem/challenge/roadblock

* Ideation - help with formulating your idea into a viable business model.

* Refine your funding and other business pitch presentations.

2.6 million

Black-Owned Businesses in the United States


Black-owned businesses in Canada

34 %

of Black people looking to be their own boss.

That’s 16 million people looking to pursue their dreams and passions! That’s every black business founder or owner looking to problem-solve, searching for guidance and relevance, pursuing strategies to increase recurring revenue and profits.

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Experience the empowered black enterprise, affirm your aspirations and build an inspiring legacy.


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